Dead: 316.000
Victims: 3 millions
Needed: ALL
European charitable organisations involved in help for Haiti:
Diakonie Hilfswerk
Caritas Hilfe
Glückskette Schweiz
Worldvision Austria
Heilsarmee - Spende online
More and more people will die if we not help them! We can save them! TOGETHER!
We want to give you full information about European possibilities donate help for Haitian Nation, suffering great tragedy in 2010. Please, take part in our relief effort.
In our online shop we have some unique products, designed for Help Haiti action. They have special price and all profit will be sent directly to Haitian Relief Organisations.

YOU can help our Haitian brothers simply buying something from our store.

Show to others that supporting Haiti is important. This way you will encourage others to give beautiful sign of SOLIDARITY with suffering people.
Write to us, if you need any assistance.
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